Data Processing

Data plays an important role in decision making. We are an expert in organizing any raw form of data into an analyzable data. We apply various programming techniques to rearrange data quickly. Data validation and correction are unavoidable activities and we handle them with ease. Following are some of the common activities that we do for our clients

  • Data Entry – Data collected on a printed form or questionnaire is entered into a structured data file format – Fixed column ASCII format, SPSS data file, SAS dataset, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word Table, Microsoft Access, CSV format etc. We also develop Data Entry Screens for faster data entry.
  • Data Validation and Corrections – Developing software programs to validate logical errors in the data file and carry out appropriate corrections as per client instructions
  • Data Formats – Converting Raw data into usable and analyzable data formats. For example, data in ASCII is converted into SPSS data with proper Labeling for the questions asked and the answers provided
  • Data Tabulation – Data collected are analyzed using using statistical tools such as SPSS, SAS, Quantum, MRDCL, QPS etc

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